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Ayr Racecourse  |  Saturday 31st August 2019

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17th June 2019

Murray Owens

Masks What do you do when you want to face the world? Prepare? Well, yes, but we all have our own way of doing this. Some stick on a fake smile, open eyes wide, offer an (often false) impression that all is more than well with the universe on this particular Monday morning... Huh? Really? Life is THAT good?Make-up, of…
17th June 2019

Community Gardens

Ayrshire In Bloom Traveling in and around the many gardens and landscapes of Ayrshire is truly inspirational.As friends of Nature, Ayrshire Magazine and the gardeners from north, south, east and west have been busy preparing, recycling and composting the sustenance for the new growth. The vibrant colour, fragrances of the flowers, fauna and sights are a joy to behold, freshly…
12th June 2019

Calvin McCord

The New Scottish Lightweight Boxing Champion Beneath the bright lights everything is a blur of energy and movement, while the cheering crowd becomes muffled background noise. He moves forward, sweat sprays from his hair as he is tagged with a jab, but he keeps moving, focused only on one thing.To step into this arena is a test of mettle, an…
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