We focus on mindset rather than age and this is why Ayrshire Magazine has quickly become the essential companion for the discerning Ayrshire resident.

Caring about what we actually produce is at the heart of AM. Each issue is themed and is visually and editorially engaging, providing us with a core readership aged between 18 to 55, and an estimated reach of over 60,000 per issue.

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Ayrshire Magazine offers advertisers a fresh opportunity to reach a vast market audience within Ayrshire at a cost that is relative to impact.

With a bi-monthly circulation of 10,000 and an estimated reach of 60,000, reader content that is both aspirational and highly informed, Ayrshire Magazine sits at the very top of the local publication market. We will deliver your message in a slick, un-crowded fashion to an informed, targeted audience.

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27th August 2019

Richard Woods

Haiti Revisited & Beach Plastic I arrive and I am warmly greeted, but the accent is the immediate giveaway. This is not the strong Troon burr I expected – tongue-firmly-in-cheek - but a lilting Irish brogue. Richard Woods, Pastor of Seagate Church, Troon, holds his hands up and laughs, mea culpa.“I was brought up in Northern Ireland,” Richard reveals. “I…
9th August 2019

Lewis Gibson

Looking to the Future It is, dare I say it, almost magical, almost incredible to watch. Carefully choreographed jumps, spins, landings, all undertaken while moving at high speed on ice. We gasp at the audacity, bravery, the skill, the ability as each mirrors the other, and then synchronised in rehearsed movements, they dance across the ice in a free flowing…
2nd August 2019

Fitzsimmons Group

Four Superb Locations Across Ayrshire & The Highest Standard of Quality Service. They - Henry and Kate Fitzsimmons - built the business gradually, owning and operating the Brisbane House Hotel, Largs, for seven years before opening Oscars Bar and Grill, Premier Leisure Cinema & Pookies Softplay in Saltcoats. The company expanded again in 2017 when they bought over the Hallmark…
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