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13th October 2018

Autumn Beauty

Beauty Trends To Try... Autumn has to be my favorite time of the year for beauty. Once the tan starts to fade I gravitate towards polished skin, shiny hair and I’m always on the look out for the new season lip colours. We looked back at the impressive line up of trends from the AW runways and road tested our…
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Ayrshire Mums
9th October 2018

Ayrshire Mums

Do be afraid of the dark... There are days, especially as daylight hours start to reduce and night time arrives earlier and earlier, when it’s easy to get into a dark mood and reflect on your parenting skills. Wondering if you’re good enough and wondering if you could do better. Well, wonder no more, just read this list of parenting…
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6th October 2018

Robin Yassin-Kassab

To travel seeking truths... The pictures flood in. The aftershock of bombs.  Collapsed masonry, crumbling concrete, tangled ironwork, dust clouds, the red and yellow lick of flame, dense dark smoke, screaming people. A woman amid the chaos, her hands clasped tight to the side of her head, calls loudly for her lost daughter. All around her a cacophony of loud…
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5th October 2018

Simon Reeve

Chance of a lifetime... In one of the toughest jails in the world, where even the guards dare not enter, we find him on the inside with the Bishop of San Pedro Sula (Honduras) who takes full responsibility for his safety. In Mogadishu, Somalia, one of the darkest, most lawless places on the planet, he is surrounded by 12 Kalashnikov-carrying…
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3rd October 2018

Billy Kirkwood

The darkness is coming... Put the Suntan lotion away summertime... that’s plenty. “Wow you guys get a summertime in Scotland? What was it one day last week?” PATCH THAT CHAT!...we’re the only ones allowed to say stuff like that. Us Scottish people. I’m so Scottish (and inbred) that my mum is younger than…That’s how Scottish I am, baby!A mixed bag the…
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30th September 2018

Jake Bugg

Ayrshire Bound Jake is a major, global performer whose music could be described as a fusion of acoustic and electric, compelling and melodic. A high-powered enigmatic mix of folksy guitar and indie rock riffs, with mean lyrics set around a soulful voice. The total package, producing memorable, catchy songs including 'Trouble Town', 'Lightning Bolt', 'Two Fingers' and 'What Doesn't Kill…
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29th September 2018

Gordon Smith

The life & times of Gordon Smith He sits to my right. Remembered as a skilful, thrilling midfielder who used to ghost past nervous defenders, won the treble in Scotland and scored in an English FA Cup final against Manchester United. A man who graced the top football leagues in Scotland, England, Austria and Switzerland, but, astonishingly, never won a…
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25th September 2018

Diana Gabaldon

A scottish-american journey in time and space Her books, like stars, twinkle in many different directions. She wanders through cornfields of historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and science fiction and fantasy.  Reaping a harvest of entertaining and captivating work. But Diana Gabaldon is much, much more, than just a mash up of literary genres.In case you didn't know, Diana is…
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20th September 2018

Kjell Lindgren

The spectacular beauty & the dark side of the earth Look up. You might have seen it. Travelling at a speed of 17,200 mph and at a height of between 205 and 270 miles above our planet, orbiting the Earth 15.54 times a day. You might have imagined you had seen Scandinasian (half-Swedish, half-Chinese) astronaut Kjell Lindgren at one of…
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17th September 2018

Rotherwood Furniture

The Complete Interior Solution For the past 18 years, Rotherwood Furniture has provided bespoke, quality furniture coupled with a complete interior design service, gaining a truly excellent reputation throughout Ayrshire and beyond. And in 2018, the combination of new ownership, and the introduction of leading interior designer Joanne Sweeney are moves will take the brand’s name from strength to strength.Enjoy…
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