27th March 2019

Andrew MacKay

Turnberry Chef Scoops Silver Gong at Culinary World Cup A team of top Scottish chefs served up a winning menu at the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg earlier this month, bringing home a silver medal for Scotland as part of the world-wide competition.Trump Turnberry’s award-winning pastry chef, Andrew MacKay, joined part of the seven-strong Scottish team at…
24th March 2019

Olivia Khan

If No One Speaks Of Remarkable People If no one speaks of remarkable people, how will the world ever hear of them? The thought muscles its way into my mind as I walk across the spacious reception area of the University of the West of Scotland. I am meeting Olivia Khan, and a text from her informs me that she…
23rd March 2019

Combat Stress

Providing a service to veterans for 100 years There is a darkness ex-service personnel retreat to when lonely thoughts disrupt their lives with insomnia, flashbacks and night terrors. It's easy to get lost, to feel hopelessness, to feel there is nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. It takes an act of bravery to confront and admit distress,…
22nd March 2019


Andy Shields on his new venture, AD&CO What you are holding in your hands as you read this, is the individual work of every team member at Ayrshire Magazine brought together, linked together – like a jigsaw – to give us the whole. The collator of these disparate parts, the writing, the photography, adverts and design elements, is AM's Head of Creative, Andy Shields. He takes the individual produce of all the team and brings it all together in the finished magazine. A quality designed publication we want every one of you to enjoy.“Working for the magazine I strive to create a unique, informative and visually interesting publication,” he explained. “I have progressed it since joining, it has moved in…
20th March 2019

Are we dim?

We should be using DIM! Out recently with friends, we talked about living in a culture where so many people pursue flawless aesthetic perfection. We chuckled when someone asked if there is as much focus paid to our insides. Well, the word on the street is that a new miracle supplement can help with problems like oestrogen imbalance, acne, fibroids,…
9th March 2019

Francis Rossi

Life, Fame, The Universe & Other Places We wait. Told we are allotted a space for the interview at 12.30, and will have 25 minutes. I phone several times, the number is engaged. I call his PR, he assures me he will get him off the phone and asks me to ring in 30 seconds.The wait and anxiety, is worth it. Francis Rossi is a rock legend – he would hate 'national treasure' and might even baulk at 'legend', but that's what I am settling on. He founded the band with Alan Lancaster in 1962 when both attended Sedgehill Comprehensive School, Catford, London. Originally known as the Scorpions, and in other incarnations The Spectres, Traffic Jam and 'The' Status Quo,…
4th February 2019

Drew McIntyre

The Drew McIntyre Story Sweat sprays out from his long dark hair as he takes the other wrestler to the floor. A few moments later he is flying through the air to connect with his signature move 'The Claymore'. Fans call out as he pins his opponent for the mandatory three second count. In recent months Ayr-born wrestler Drew McIntyre has put big names Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor and Braun Strowman to the sword with his specialist moves.Now living in St Petersburg, Florida, and a leading light of WWE, America's top wrestling brand, he is a long way from his early life in that small, Scottish seaside town. But, the American wrestling scene was where it was always…
Ayrshire Mums
28th January 2019

Ayrshire Mums

Birth; Re-Born Way back at the turn of the millennium, when Y2K turned out to be nonsense, I escaped planes falling out of the sky to graduate in biology. Though my career has went slightly off-piste since then, down a double black diamond trail of economic development, in my heart I’m still a committed science geek. Whilst I am a…
24th January 2019

River Garden

Ray of Hope Life, none of us would deny, is often unbearably tough. In those darkest moments we often feel alone, solitary, with no where to turn. But there is help, there are people and organisations we can turn to. So, everyone of us should all be prepared to shout out when that darkness becomes pitch black - there is…
20th January 2019

Billy Kirkwood

You’ve already Lost! See men, I’m a working-class man, from a working-class family, no airs and graces, no pomp and circumstance. I put my trousers on one leg at a time, I’ll eat a Jaffa Cake whole, I’ve got a “special” cup in bath room for washing my hair (A Protein shaker that I have never used for shaking or…