19th January 2019

Remembering Craig Bryson

1971 – 2018 Craig Bryson just faded gently, like the end of a superb hit record that everybody loves and wants to play over and over again. Husband, father, friend and well known local businessman. Remembered and celebrated.I am sitting in Costa Coffee in Ayr Central on a cold day waiting for Craig's widow Linda and son Daniel (there is…
16th January 2019

Fit Ayrshire Dads

A Safe Place For Men & Their Emotions Being in a room with men sharing their emotions is - traditionally - like being in a room of stoic silence. Few men, even in these renaissance times, feel they can openly share or open up about how they are feeling. Yet, it is essential that they do speak about their feelings,…
12th January 2019

Altered States

Richard K. Morgan & Chris Conner Rebirth - Takeshi Kovacks wakes up after 250 years. His memories and consciousness have been poured into a disc and implanted into the back of the neck of a new body called a 'sleeve'. In the book Altered Carbon, now a Netflix series, Kovacks is brought back to solve a murder.The story escapes from the fertile imagination of the novel's writer Richard K Morgan, reborn and rehashed on the page to take form as a beautifully crafted sci-fi television series produced by Skydance Media and released through Netflix on February 2, 2018. "I mean you are talking about, what?' Morgan pauses to think, gently expels air from his lungs, and calculates time. "Ah, 16…
30th November 2018

Gro Coffee

Stormy days & cold nights Winter is here and the team at GRO could not be happier, we are here every morning from 9am to serve up warm scones, huge empires, the worlds biggest’ strawberry tarts and more, all baked in house.Mornings always begin with powering up our Black Eagle, the worlds finest’ coffee machine, hand made in Italy by…
27th November 2018


Laings' & Patek Philippe There is something magical about the quiet, gentle, almost inaudible tick of a smoothly working watch. Tiny, often minuscule pieces of metal working in perfect synchronisation, gears, cogs, slivers of intricately designed parts keeping accurate time. The craft of watchmaking taken to the nth degree.At family run jewellers, Laings - founded in 1840 and now with…
Ayrshire Mums
20th November 2018

Ayrshire Mums

It’s Kraaampus! Christmas is coming and little expectant faces have no doubt been staring up at you for MONTHS, asking if Santa will bring whatever tat YouTubers have been promoting in the run up to the festive season (elasti-plasti slime anyone?) In the past, I’ve been able to use ‘phoning Santa’ at the first sign of bad behaviour to get…
20th November 2018

Natasha Radmeher On…

Ghosting This year, I’ve read approximately 2,396 articles on ghosting, the term given to the act of disappearing on someone – normally someone you’ve matched with on a dating site or have gone on a few dates with – without explanation. It’s not a new phenomenon, but 2018 became the year you could finally buy a ‘ghosted’ Halloween costume: a…
16th November 2018


In conversation with Fiona McKenzie Founded in 2006, Centrestage is a multi award-winning Ayrshire charity and back in October, Fiona McKenzie, Centrestage CEO won ‘Unsung Hero’ at the ‘West FM Cream of Ayrshire’ Awards in Kilmarnock. The prestigious ceremony celebrates and recognises individuals and companies across Ayrshire that contribute and make a positive impact within their communities and this is…
13th November 2018

Saskia Giorgini

Virtuoso The Manic Street Preachers' 'Motorcycle Emptiness' plays on the radio as I drive to Cumnock. Ironic, I think, because I am on my way to interview a professional, classical pianist. Later, I find her standing at the top of the stairs as I walk across the lobby of the Dumfries Arms Hotel (where she is staying). She smiles and…
9th November 2018

In The Shadow of the Sun

Ayrshire at War There was a shadow moving across the sun in the summer of 1914. In the evening twilight, the people of Ayrshire might have sat at home reading their newspapers after a hard days work. Stories of imminent war would have been prominent, couples may have passed comment. In their sparsely furnished front rooms they might have yawned and stretched and gone early to bed. Their immediate concern might have been their shift at the local pit or the local mill in the morning. They might have worked through the night, leaving home after dark and making their way through poorly lit streets to their place of work.In these days of uncertainty, the sound and the fury and…