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20th July 2019

Michael Jennings

In An Age of Digital, The Uncertainty of Existence Worrying times in Ayrshire, Scotland and beyond. In the last few years there have been several high profile incidences of young people committing suicide.A trend that has not gone unnoticed by researchers. The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, for example, point out that while suicide among the older age groups seems to…
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19th July 2019

Angelo Alessio

Kilmarnock’s new Italian coach As wind, rain and plenty of midges swirled around an open field in Largs, you would have forgiven Angelo Alessio for casting his mind back to all that he has left behind.Swapping the bright lights of the Juventus Centre or Chelsea’s plush Cobham complex for life in Ayrshire is not your typical career path in coaching…
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16th July 2019

Apollo 11

Walking On The Moon 10...9...8...7...6 The Moon has always tantalised. I mean, how many of us have stood and looked up at the night sky trying to work out what phase she was in? The romantically titled: New Moon or the Waxing Crescent (I love that), the First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter or even the…
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12th July 2019

Ben Haenow

From Van Driver to X Factor Sensation Maybe it was an idea he had while driving around London in his van? Something might have crossed his mind while singing along to Ain't No Sunshine as it played on the radio? Maybe he just had a dream about this being the only life we have, and knew, in that instant, that…
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9th July 2019

Mark Sherry

How Dance Music Came to Rule The World New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Buenos Aries, Amsterdam, and Ayr – and its summer sizzle. With a travel itinerary like that you would be forgiven for thinking that I was interviewing some well seasoned adventurer – Simon Reeve or Bear Grylls, perhaps. You would be wrong, these global locations are…
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17th June 2019

Murray Owens

Masks What do you do when you want to face the world? Prepare? Well, yes, but we all have our own way of doing this. Some stick on a fake smile, open eyes wide, offer an (often false) impression that all is more than well with the universe on this particular Monday morning... Huh? Really? Life is THAT good?Make-up, of…
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17th June 2019

Community Gardens

Ayrshire In Bloom Traveling in and around the many gardens and landscapes of Ayrshire is truly inspirational.As friends of Nature, Ayrshire Magazine and the gardeners from north, south, east and west have been busy preparing, recycling and composting the sustenance for the new growth. The vibrant colour, fragrances of the flowers, fauna and sights are a joy to behold, freshly…
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12th June 2019

Calvin McCord

The New Scottish Lightweight Boxing Champion Beneath the bright lights everything is a blur of energy and movement, while the cheering crowd becomes muffled background noise. He moves forward, sweat sprays from his hair as he is tagged with a jab, but he keeps moving, focused only on one thing.To step into this arena is a test of mettle, an act of bravery. Defeat is not about getting knocked down, but about not getting back up, as Scottish Lightweight boxing champion Calvin McCord soon discovered. Rising twice from the canvas – the first knockdown was a slip he would later claim – to stop Marek Laskowski and win the title. “My big brother started first,” the boxer told AM of…
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1st June 2019

David Ross

The Architect, That Author & the Lost Boy Imagine the Tamla-style bass riff of the Jam's single, 'Town Called Malice', starting up as he enters Mamita’s coffee shop, Bank Street, Kilmarnock. Keyboards, drums, Weller's plaintive voice and the message. What is it? Time short, life cruel? The song set to an urgent, infectious beat like the prose in David Ross's body…
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28th May 2019

Leah McCrae

My Big Fat Fabulous Diary We speak by phone as she is driving through Glasgow. I can hear the subtle whoosh of the car as it cuts through time and space, heading north toward the A82.“Well, listen,” Actor Leah MacRae tells me. “Just in case I get cut off, I’ll phone you back, I am just going over the Erskine…
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