The Rising Sun Tour

By, Sergio Burns

Following the wonderful audience reception given at the inaugural Concert by the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra in Aberdeen, it was decided in 1982 to form a similar Orchestra in Ayrshire dedicated to young string players.  From that early beginning with 35 players, the Orchestra’s numbers and reputation have grown to over 100 players with both National and International renown.

The young members of the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra, ranging from 12 – 20 years old, pride themselves in being ambassadors for Ayrshire and for Scotland when they tour abroad, taking Scottish traditional music to other countries and cultures. 

In July, AFO embarks on one of their most exciting adventures yet, a 14 day concert tour of Japan when the group will perform at venues in Tokyo and Kyoto with a further performance in Yokohama which coincidentally will be the base of the Scottish rugby team when they participate in the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year in September 2019 and will be the location of their first match.  AFO are aiming to provide some advance Scottish publicity for the team!

The Orchestra will also be visiting Hiroshima to participate in a special event with the Mayors for Peace organisation with presentations to the Mayor of

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