2nd August 2019

Fitzsimmons Group

Four Superb Locations Across Ayrshire & The Highest Standard of Quality Service. They - Henry and Kate Fitzsimmons - built the business gradually, owning and operating the Brisbane House Hotel, Largs, for seven years before opening Oscars Bar and Grill, Premier Leisure Cinema & Pookies Softplay in Saltcoats. The company expanded again in 2017 when they bought over the Hallmark…
22nd March 2019


Andy Shields on his new venture, AD&CO What you are holding in your hands as you read this, is the individual work of every team member at Ayrshire Magazine brought together, linked together – like a jigsaw – to give us the whole. The collator of these disparate parts, the writing, the photography, adverts and design elements, is AM's Head of Creative, Andy Shields. He takes the individual produce of all the team and brings it all together in the finished magazine. A quality designed publication we want every one of you to enjoy.“Working for the magazine I strive to create a unique, informative and visually interesting publication,” he explained. “I have progressed it since joining, it has moved in…
27th November 2018


Laings' & Patek Philippe There is something magical about the quiet, gentle, almost inaudible tick of a smoothly working watch. Tiny, often minuscule pieces of metal working in perfect synchronisation, gears, cogs, slivers of intricately designed parts keeping accurate time. The craft of watchmaking taken to the nth degree.At family run jewellers, Laings - founded in 1840 and now with…
17th September 2018

Rotherwood Furniture

The Complete Interior Solution For the past 18 years, Rotherwood Furniture has provided bespoke, quality furniture coupled with a complete interior design service, gaining a truly excellent reputation throughout Ayrshire and beyond. And in 2018, the combination of new ownership, and the introduction of leading interior designer Joanne Sweeney are moves will take the brand’s name from strength to strength.Enjoy…
16th August 2018

Gro Coffee

A Sun–kissed Monday at Gro, with Gordon Rennie It is just another sun-kissed Monday afternoon at the end of June in Irvine. Ribbed wisps of cloud in a clear blue sky above, a smiling sun, stolen from the Uruguayan flag, beating down, and not even the hint of a breeze by the sea.Ayrshire Magazine are at GRO, a licensed cafe bar on the Irvine harbourside, where we are warmly welcomed by the proprietor Gordon Rennie. "I am born and bred Ayrshire," Gordon told us when I asked him where his idea for a cafe bar in Irvine had come from. "I spent every day driving to Glasgow to get a nice coffee and something to eat. I realised there was a market here…
12th August 2018

Andrew Brookes

The Style Council Cometh The cut, the colour, the look. The language of the fashionista, hipster, stylist. Key to his job is to know his client, to walk in their skin, to sleep and breathe their needs and make sure they are adequately met. He heads one of the top Scottish tailoring brands, a determined, passionate man with a real…
4th March 2018


An Ayrshire Institution An institution in Ayrshire hailing all the way from Italy, the Cecchinis and their train of restaurants have come from humble beginnings to now be known as one of the most popular restaurateurs in all of Ayrshire.The Cecchini family hails from the relaxed old town of Barga in Tuscany. Affectionately known as the “The most Scottish town…
20th February 2018

The Dragon’s Den

Kilmarnock's newest venue gets ready to sparkle. Kenny and Josephine Cheung of Dragon Royale are no strangers to glamorous dining, and they’re about to begin the next phase of their ambitious journey with the opening of Kilmarnock’s first Champagne Bar and Restaurant.Based in the old Artful Dodger building on the riverside, La Dragon will be their second Ayrshire restaurant, and…
3rd January 2018

Alan Moore

ReThinking the messages They call it Blue Monday. The 3rd Monday in January, when normality strikes; It’s cold and wet and dark, Christmas is over and you’re back to work to pay off that festive credit card bill. It’s difficult for me to imagine Blue Monday at the moment, as I write this there are less than 2 weeks to…
5th October 2017

Business Culture

Your business culture says a lot about you How would you sum up the culture within your organisation? Are you proud of it? Is it something you even think about? According to research by The Harvard Business Review, adopting and practicing an effective culture can have an extraordinary impact on overall business performance and profits - Surprised by this? Surely…