17th June 2019

Community Gardens

Ayrshire In Bloom Traveling in and around the many gardens and landscapes of Ayrshire is truly inspirational.As friends of Nature, Ayrshire Magazine and the gardeners from north, south, east and west have been busy preparing, recycling and composting the sustenance for the new growth. The vibrant colour, fragrances of the flowers, fauna and sights are a joy to behold, freshly…
26th May 2019

Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra

The Rising Sun Tour Following the wonderful audience reception given at the inaugural Concert by the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra in Aberdeen, it was decided in 1982 to form a similar Orchestra in Ayrshire dedicated to young string players.  From that early beginning with 35 players, the Orchestra’s numbers and reputation have grown to over 100 players with both National and…
16th April 2019


Putting The Spark Back Into Remembering Something is stirring down at Rugby Park, home of Kilmarnock Football Club. Memories. 'Football Memories' to be exact and not just of Kilmarnock FC, but memories of great players from the past, great Scotland sides, World Cups, European games and much more.In collaboration with Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Football Association (SFA) museum at…
24th March 2019

Olivia Khan

If No One Speaks Of Remarkable People If no one speaks of remarkable people, how will the world ever hear of them? The thought muscles its way into my mind as I walk across the spacious reception area of the University of the West of Scotland. I am meeting Olivia Khan, and a text from her informs me that she…
23rd March 2019

Combat Stress

Providing a service to veterans for 100 years There is a darkness ex-service personnel retreat to when lonely thoughts disrupt their lives with insomnia, flashbacks and night terrors. It's easy to get lost, to feel hopelessness, to feel there is nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. It takes an act of bravery to confront and admit distress,…
24th January 2019

River Garden

Ray of Hope Life, none of us would deny, is often unbearably tough. In those darkest moments we often feel alone, solitary, with no where to turn. But there is help, there are people and organisations we can turn to. So, everyone of us should all be prepared to shout out when that darkness becomes pitch black - there is…
19th January 2019

Remembering Craig Bryson

1971 – 2018 Craig Bryson just faded gently, like the end of a superb hit record that everybody loves and wants to play over and over again. Husband, father, friend and well known local businessman. Remembered and celebrated.I am sitting in Costa Coffee in Ayr Central on a cold day waiting for Craig's widow Linda and son Daniel (there is…
16th January 2019

Fit Ayrshire Dads

A Safe Place For Men & Their Emotions Being in a room with men sharing their emotions is - traditionally - like being in a room of stoic silence. Few men, even in these renaissance times, feel they can openly share or open up about how they are feeling. Yet, it is essential that they do speak about their feelings,…
16th November 2018


In conversation with Fiona McKenzie Founded in 2006, Centrestage is a multi award-winning Ayrshire charity and back in October, Fiona McKenzie, Centrestage CEO won ‘Unsung Hero’ at the ‘West FM Cream of Ayrshire’ Awards in Kilmarnock. The prestigious ceremony celebrates and recognises individuals and companies across Ayrshire that contribute and make a positive impact within their communities and this is…
9th November 2018

In The Shadow of the Sun

Ayrshire at War There was a shadow moving across the sun in the summer of 1914. In the evening twilight, the people of Ayrshire might have sat at home reading their newspapers after a hard days work. Stories of imminent war would have been prominent, couples may have passed comment. In their sparsely furnished front rooms they might have yawned and stretched and gone early to bed. Their immediate concern might have been their shift at the local pit or the local mill in the morning. They might have worked through the night, leaving home after dark and making their way through poorly lit streets to their place of work.In these days of uncertainty, the sound and the fury and…