27th August 2019

Richard Woods

Haiti Revisited & Beach Plastic I arrive and I am warmly greeted, but the accent is the immediate giveaway. This is not the strong Troon burr I expected – tongue-firmly-in-cheek - but a lilting Irish brogue. Richard Woods, Pastor of Seagate Church, Troon, holds his hands up and laughs, mea culpa.“I was brought up in Northern Ireland,” Richard reveals. “I…
26th July 2019

Billy Kirkwood

Shizzle Its hot, it’s sticky…….I could have phrased that a WHOLE lot better….it’s Summer time folks.Oh yes here we are already half way through 2019…woah woah don’t go reaching for those Quality Street and Crimbo decorations just yet - and if you're that guy that has them up all year round…SANTA HATES YOU – Its time for a little summer…
20th July 2019

Michael Jennings

In An Age of Digital, The Uncertainty of Existence Worrying times in Ayrshire, Scotland and beyond. In the last few years there have been several high profile incidences of young people committing suicide.A trend that has not gone unnoticed by researchers. The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, for example, point out that while suicide among the older age groups seems to…
16th July 2019

Apollo 11

Walking On The Moon 10...9...8...7...6 The Moon has always tantalised. I mean, how many of us have stood and looked up at the night sky trying to work out what phase she was in? The romantically titled: New Moon or the Waxing Crescent (I love that), the First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter or even the…
1st June 2019

David Ross

The Architect, That Author & the Lost Boy Imagine the Tamla-style bass riff of the Jam's single, 'Town Called Malice', starting up as he enters Mamita’s coffee shop, Bank Street, Kilmarnock. Keyboards, drums, Weller's plaintive voice and the message. What is it? Time short, life cruel? The song set to an urgent, infectious beat like the prose in David Ross's body…
10th May 2019

Jane McCarry

Her Life, The End of Still Game,& Why She Believes Craiglang Will Live On Brooding, dark, malevolent tower blocks rise above a misty city skyline like apocalyptic tombstones. In the gathering gloom the high rise flats reach Heavenward, as a gentle rain falls from a dark charcoal-clouded sky. Against this heady backdrop, Boabby comes into scene, stopping, looking about himself.…
24th March 2019

Olivia Khan

If No One Speaks Of Remarkable People If no one speaks of remarkable people, how will the world ever hear of them? The thought muscles its way into my mind as I walk across the spacious reception area of the University of the West of Scotland. I am meeting Olivia Khan, and a text from her informs me that she…
24th January 2019

River Garden

Ray of Hope Life, none of us would deny, is often unbearably tough. In those darkest moments we often feel alone, solitary, with no where to turn. But there is help, there are people and organisations we can turn to. So, everyone of us should all be prepared to shout out when that darkness becomes pitch black - there is…
20th January 2019

Billy Kirkwood

You’ve already Lost! See men, I’m a working-class man, from a working-class family, no airs and graces, no pomp and circumstance. I put my trousers on one leg at a time, I’ll eat a Jaffa Cake whole, I’ve got a “special” cup in bath room for washing my hair (A Protein shaker that I have never used for shaking or…
12th January 2019

Altered States

Richard K. Morgan & Chris Conner Rebirth - Takeshi Kovacks wakes up after 250 years. His memories and consciousness have been poured into a disc and implanted into the back of the neck of a new body called a 'sleeve'. In the book Altered Carbon, now a Netflix series, Kovacks is brought back to solve a murder.The story escapes from the fertile imagination of the novel's writer Richard K Morgan, reborn and rehashed on the page to take form as a beautifully crafted sci-fi television series produced by Skydance Media and released through Netflix on February 2, 2018. "I mean you are talking about, what?' Morgan pauses to think, gently expels air from his lungs, and calculates time. "Ah, 16…