20th November 2018

Natasha Radmeher On…

Ghosting This year, I’ve read approximately 2,396 articles on ghosting, the term given to the act of disappearing on someone – normally someone you’ve matched with on a dating site or have gone on a few dates with – without explanation. It’s not a new phenomenon, but 2018 became the year you could finally buy a ‘ghosted’ Halloween costume: a…
16th November 2018


In conversation with Fiona McKenzie Founded in 2006, Centrestage is a multi award-winning Ayrshire charity and back in October, Fiona McKenzie, Centrestage CEO won ‘Unsung Hero’ at the ‘West FM Cream of Ayrshire’ Awards in Kilmarnock. The prestigious ceremony celebrates and recognises individuals and companies across Ayrshire that contribute and make a positive impact within their communities and this is…
13th November 2018

Saskia Giorgini

Virtuoso The Manic Street Preachers' 'Motorcycle Emptiness' plays on the radio as I drive to Cumnock. Ironic, I think, because I am on my way to interview a professional, classical pianist. Later, I find her standing at the top of the stairs as I walk across the lobby of the Dumfries Arms Hotel (where she is staying). She smiles and…
9th November 2018

In The Shadow of the Sun

Ayrshire at War There was a shadow moving across the sun in the summer of 1914. In the evening twilight, the people of Ayrshire might have sat at home reading their newspapers after a hard days work. Stories of imminent war would have been prominent, couples may have passed comment. In their sparsely furnished front rooms they might have yawned and stretched and gone early to bed. Their immediate concern might have been their shift at the local pit or the local mill in the morning. They might have worked through the night, leaving home after dark and making their way through poorly lit streets to their place of work.In these days of uncertainty, the sound and the fury and…
6th November 2018

John Damari

Art & Charity Work When we meet at his home in Kilbarchan he is preparing to attend a Prince's Trust charity event. Our time is limited, but he welcomes me with a solid handshake and ushers me inside. John Damari is small but vital, a busy man with a creative personality and two intertwined drives, raising money for charity and…
6th October 2018

Robin Yassin-Kassab

To travel seeking truths... The pictures flood in. The aftershock of bombs.  Collapsed masonry, crumbling concrete, tangled ironwork, dust clouds, the red and yellow lick of flame, dense dark smoke, screaming people. A woman amid the chaos, her hands clasped tight to the side of her head, calls loudly for her lost daughter. All around her a cacophony of loud…
5th October 2018

Simon Reeve

Chance of a lifetime... In one of the toughest jails in the world, where even the guards dare not enter, we find him on the inside with the Bishop of San Pedro Sula (Honduras) who takes full responsibility for his safety. In Mogadishu, Somalia, one of the darkest, most lawless places on the planet, he is surrounded by 12 Kalashnikov-carrying…
3rd October 2018

Billy Kirkwood

The darkness is coming... Put the Suntan lotion away summertime... that’s plenty. “Wow you guys get a summertime in Scotland? What was it one day last week?” PATCH THAT CHAT!...we’re the only ones allowed to say stuff like that. Us Scottish people. I’m so Scottish (and inbred) that my mum is younger than…That’s how Scottish I am, baby!A mixed bag the…
20th September 2018

Kjell Lindgren

The spectacular beauty & the dark side of the earth Look up. You might have seen it. Travelling at a speed of 17,200 mph and at a height of between 205 and 270 miles above our planet, orbiting the Earth 15.54 times a day. You might have imagined you had seen Scandinasian (half-Swedish, half-Chinese) astronaut Kjell Lindgren at one of…
11th September 2018

Neil Oliver

Digging The Historian / Archaeologist If pressed I would say I liked his honesty and humility. He had no pretensions, describing himself, simply, as an enthusiast and generalist. An unassuming man who just has a passion for the work he does.We all know, however, Neil Oliver is much, much more than this. He has written extensively on the history and…