3rd September 2018

Natasha Radmehr On…

The people you see in airports. If you’re travelling abroad this summer, here’s an airport drinking game for you. Down one shot for every person on this list you see – but be warned, you may end up becoming one of them...The Inbetweeners Travelling in a 20-strong pack are these freshly peeled manboys, straight out of high school and ready…
16th August 2018

Gro Coffee

A Sun–kissed Monday at Gro, with Gordon Rennie It is just another sun-kissed Monday afternoon at the end of June in Irvine. Ribbed wisps of cloud in a clear blue sky above, a smiling sun, stolen from the Uruguayan flag, beating down, and not even the hint of a breeze by the sea.Ayrshire Magazine are at GRO, a licensed cafe bar on the Irvine harbourside, where we are warmly welcomed by the proprietor Gordon Rennie. "I am born and bred Ayrshire," Gordon told us when I asked him where his idea for a cafe bar in Irvine had come from. "I spent every day driving to Glasgow to get a nice coffee and something to eat. I realised there was a market here…
12th August 2018

Andrew Brookes

The Style Council Cometh The cut, the colour, the look. The language of the fashionista, hipster, stylist. Key to his job is to know his client, to walk in their skin, to sleep and breathe their needs and make sure they are adequately met. He heads one of the top Scottish tailoring brands, a determined, passionate man with a real…
8th August 2018

James Crawford

On A Clear Day Being in the sky - advisedly in a helicopter or a small plane - gives you a different perspective on the world below. Potentially, you can see the topography of the whole surface of the planet. The seas, the oceans, the mountains, forests, lakes or lochs, roads, bridges, cities. What is unravelling beneath us, according to…
5th August 2018

Ya Wee Weirdo!!!

YA WEE WEIRDO!!! Yes the summertime is here. It’s the time of year a person can go stir crazy. I mean proper off your Chips, Disco Bug Mental. Currently the whole day is spent working, morning on the radio, afternoon writing & working from home, night time out gigging.Long gone are the days when you’d get a 7-week break over…
1st August 2018


The modern workings of finding love Tinder! The magical app bringing single people together. An app full of topless men showing off their guns whilst sporting a feminine snapchat filter and a Victoria Beckham pout.  An app providing many ten to two’s with these facial filters, which are more fearsome than back in the day, when beer goggles where in…
24th May 2018

Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale

Truly a man for all seasons A boy’s own childhood, playing among the beauty of the glens and mountains of the island. In spring, sheep from the farm would be vigilant over their lambs as they playfully gambolled on the lower slopes. Summer would bring a long-lasting sun over the fields, Autumn delicately coloured skies and Winter, well, sheep in…
22nd May 2018

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

From Ayrshire to Holyrood On November 20, 2014, Nicola Sturgeon succeeded former incumbent and Russia Today presenter Alex Salmond, to become the first ever female First Minister. To lead the Country is the toughest of political assignments, and for the last four years this lady from Ayrshire has led the nation at home and abroad. She has gained in the process…
13th May 2018

Fred MacAulay

30 Years of Laughs It is hard to envisage a more paradoxical career path to comedy than that of Fred MacAulay. The financial accountant defied the odds by delving into the world of being funny at the somewhat late age of 30. Now approaching three decades in the laughter industry this former Rector of the University of Dundee has enjoyed…
20th March 2018

Natasha Radmehr On… #metoo

Our columnist on what we can learn from the #metoo movement Trigger warning. Until very recently, whenever these words preceded a social media post or podcast episode, I’d charge ahead without hesitation. It was almost a delicious challenge. A trigger warning was Liam Gallagher and I was 1997 Mel C, kitted out head to toe in a premium trackie while…