30th September 2017

Stuart Martin

The line sizzles, I frown, strain to hear. “Yeah it’s Budapest,” he clarifies. “Probably why the line is a little bit dodgy” He is in Budapest, Hungary, filming with Sophie Rundle, Jason Flemyng, Max Beesley. They are working on the hit Sky television series Jamestown, based on early American settlers, I am sat in my kitchen. A cross border call…
20th September 2017

Keir Hardie

Imagine an eternally grey world with no sunshine. A world without a National Health Service, where you have to self-medicate or pay to see a doctor. An Emile Zola ‘Germinal’ world without a welfare system. If you don’t work you don’t eat, and each night you sleep beneath the stars. A world where you could be working 12 hours a day at the age of eight, and no matter how hard you labour, existence consists of permanent struggle, hunger and grinding poverty. This was the world James Keir Hardie was born into on August 15, 1856.Born James Keir, he was the illegitimate son of Mary Keir of Legbrannock, near Holytown, Lanarkshire. His natural father was thought to be William Aitken,…
5th September 2017


You say you want an evolution...? Well, it’s true, we all want to change the world. In our own small way, of course, we are all part of that change, all 366,800 or so of us who live in Ayrshire – according to Wikipedia.In her novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley writes: Everything must have a beginning...and that…
17th August 2017

Chelsea Dreams

From Brazil to Australia, Japan to the USA, every kid from every corner of the globe dreams of playing in the English Premier League. Since 1992, players from 106 different nations have been signed to Premier League clubs, now a young Ayrshire lad has achieved this ambition.“My dream has always been to go and play in the Premier League,” Ardrossan…
2nd August 2017

Best of the Fest

Ayrshire Magazine has joined forces with Janis Sue Smith and her team to help crown the next Miss Scotland. Janis Sue Smith, Managing Director of Miss Scotland and International Fashion Stylist has been involved with the competition since its inception. As one of the country’s leading experts on fashion and styling, there’s no better matriarch for the competition. Miss Scotland…
16th July 2017

Billy Kirkwood

I bet you thought it was going to be about the fringe didn’t ya? All nuggets on unicycles flyering whilst buskers and the Ladyboys of Bangkok battle it out on the Royal Mile while “Fast food stations” or “Chuck Wagons” to you and me, serve overpriced quiche, expressos and deconstructed burgers. I DON’T want my Burger deconstructed mate! I want it assembled, in one piece.  Done.  Finished. …
12th July 2017

Jim Todd

Long hair, long beard - visually, he is a marauding Viking.  Off-centre impressions, however, can provide fake first takes. Reality? Is this the coolest elect in Ayrshire?Forget the politics, the party, the colours, Ayrshire Magazine talks to Jim Todd, a man who likes to hear music in raindrops, birds singing at the break of day. Jim Todd, Provost of East Ayrshire,…
21st May 2017

Summer Creeps

STANDFIRST: This issue, our columnist is getting hot under the collar about women getting more hassle at this time of year than any other.Every year it’s the same. I wake up on the first sunny day of the year – proper, actual, hot sun – and endorphins flood my body. I open my curtains with glee for the first time…
1st December 2016

Edward Paterson

Owner of Ayrshires largest art gallery & framers Stepping into North Ayrshire’s largest art gallery and framers, you are met with a peacefulness that allows you to leave your everyday troubles out on the streets of Saltcoats.The tranquil atmosphere is just one of the notable traits that make the gallery and framers such a success. Art N Joy provides a…
23rd November 2016

An Awfully Big Trip

Three Stewarton Ladies, Three Bikes & 300 Miles The peleton – 75 souls in this case – moves like an organic, speeding ribbon of rainbow colours through the French countryside. Well, maybe not, though the push-pull effort on the pedals does keep the wheels spinning, as the sleek, bright, cheerful charity train snakes down the narrow, undulating roads of France…