12th November 2016

Michelle Heaton

Something Wickedly Talented From the highs of pop stardom to the darkest of dark moments. From the unconditional adulation of fans to the private struggle of life changing decisions. Former Liberty X member Michelle Heaton has walked an often difficult road. Singer, dancer, actor, celebrity, presenter, wife, mother, charity giver, her journey has been one of incredible highs and crushing…
25th September 2016

Alan Moore

Are Kilts Pan Breed? Another one bites the dust! – the first words of congrats from my oldest friends when I announced my engagement last year. After that, the kind words of congratulations and well wishes followed, but that was first instance where I got to see first-hand how differently the engagement journey is for bride and groom.I’ve worked in…
20th September 2016

Rab Affleck

From Irvine to Hollywood & back Blood blurs his vision, a shadow, large and threatening, moves toward him. His body screams at him to stop, rest. He must go on, he can’t give up, the baying audience has expectations.He loves the movies, it could be a scene from a film : Martin Scorcese’s Raging Bull or Robert Wise’s Somebody Up There Likes Me. It could also be a metaphor for Rab Affleck’s life, fought hard against great difficulties. A man who was raised tough, one of a family of 11, in Irvine. A man who has no pretensions, a sharp wit, who talks articulately – with expletives – about the powerful influence of circumstance. Who reminds us we don’t live…
14th September 2016

David Emanuel

The Welshman & a wedding dress for the Princess of Wales On Wednesday July 29, 1981, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, the 33 year-old heir to the throne, married 20 year-old Lady Diana Spencer. On the streets 600,000 people waited patiently in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Royal couple, while a television audience of 750 million watched the ceremony as it was beamed live. Many, of course, hoping to to get a good look at the all important wedding dress. For David Emanuel and his then wife, Elizabeth, it was one of the most exciting days of their lives. They had been responsible for the design and delivery of the wedding dress, the glamorous, soon to…
16th July 2016

Ironside Farrar

There is a lot of talk regarding regeneration in Ayrshire, take it from us, they have called in the experts. Julian is founder and Managing Director of Ironside Farrar an Award Winning creative regeneration specialist whose team is currently assisting the Ayrshire Council’s on the Ayrshire Growth Deal and the delivery of various aspects of the Irvine Vision.You are well…
11th July 2016

Trump Turnberry Opening

On the 24th of June, following eight months of being under construction, Trump Turnberry hotel was now under the gaze of the world’s media as owner and Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, Donald J. Trump, arrived to officially reopen this reborn resort.Having invested over £200m into Ayrshire since purchasing this iconic resort in 2014, Trump was…
3rd June 2016

Faye Tozer

Multi-talented performer, pop star and...busy mum She plays an absolute bitch in the play The Naked Truth. Her role Tricia, is a woman fumbling around in the eternal darkness of her own insecurities, contemplating plastic surgery in a deluded effort to please ‘perfect’ husband Gareth. In a play which is by turns laugh-out-loud funny, outrageously naughty and profoundly sad, Steps…
23rd May 2016

Ralph Porciani

The Arc Of A Hotelier: The Life & Times of Ralph Porciani It was nothing more than a simple plan. A simple plan struck after 30 years of working in five star kitchens, and 10 years of being in various senior roles at Turnberry. Having talked the plan through with his wife, Sally, it was to be their reward for…
1st April 2016


Once In A Lifetime We hurriedly reorganise. The scheduled interview for Ayrshire Magazine is brought forward a day so he can catch a late flight to London. Just as it grows dark on a wild and wet night in February, we act fast, and agree to meet in Rivergate Mall, Irvine. Growing up in Ayr, and then Kilmarnock, and now…