12th July 2019

Ben Haenow

From Van Driver to X Factor Sensation Maybe it was an idea he had while driving around London in his van? Something might have crossed his mind while singing along to Ain't No Sunshine as it played on the radio? Maybe he just had a dream about this being the only life we have, and knew, in that instant, that…
17th June 2019

Murray Owens

Masks What do you do when you want to face the world? Prepare? Well, yes, but we all have our own way of doing this. Some stick on a fake smile, open eyes wide, offer an (often false) impression that all is more than well with the universe on this particular Monday morning... Huh? Really? Life is THAT good?Make-up, of…
12th June 2019

Calvin McCord

The New Scottish Lightweight Boxing Champion Beneath the bright lights everything is a blur of energy and movement, while the cheering crowd becomes muffled background noise. He moves forward, sweat sprays from his hair as he is tagged with a jab, but he keeps moving, focused only on one thing.To step into this arena is a test of mettle, an act of bravery. Defeat is not about getting knocked down, but about not getting back up, as Scottish Lightweight boxing champion Calvin McCord soon discovered. Rising twice from the canvas – the first knockdown was a slip he would later claim – to stop Marek Laskowski and win the title. “My big brother started first,” the boxer told AM of…
28th May 2019

Leah McCrae

My Big Fat Fabulous Diary We speak by phone as she is driving through Glasgow. I can hear the subtle whoosh of the car as it cuts through time and space, heading north toward the A82.“Well, listen,” Actor Leah MacRae tells me. “Just in case I get cut off, I’ll phone you back, I am just going over the Erskine…
10th May 2019

Jane McCarry

Her Life, The End of Still Game,& Why She Believes Craiglang Will Live On Brooding, dark, malevolent tower blocks rise above a misty city skyline like apocalyptic tombstones. In the gathering gloom the high rise flats reach Heavenward, as a gentle rain falls from a dark charcoal-clouded sky. Against this heady backdrop, Boabby comes into scene, stopping, looking about himself.…
9th March 2019

Francis Rossi

Life, Fame, The Universe & Other Places We wait. Told we are allotted a space for the interview at 12.30, and will have 25 minutes. I phone several times, the number is engaged. I call his PR, he assures me he will get him off the phone and asks me to ring in 30 seconds.The wait and anxiety, is worth it. Francis Rossi is a rock legend – he would hate 'national treasure' and might even baulk at 'legend', but that's what I am settling on. He founded the band with Alan Lancaster in 1962 when both attended Sedgehill Comprehensive School, Catford, London. Originally known as the Scorpions, and in other incarnations The Spectres, Traffic Jam and 'The' Status Quo,…
12th January 2019

Altered States

Richard K. Morgan & Chris Conner Rebirth - Takeshi Kovacks wakes up after 250 years. His memories and consciousness have been poured into a disc and implanted into the back of the neck of a new body called a 'sleeve'. In the book Altered Carbon, now a Netflix series, Kovacks is brought back to solve a murder.The story escapes from the fertile imagination of the novel's writer Richard K Morgan, reborn and rehashed on the page to take form as a beautifully crafted sci-fi television series produced by Skydance Media and released through Netflix on February 2, 2018. "I mean you are talking about, what?' Morgan pauses to think, gently expels air from his lungs, and calculates time. "Ah, 16…
30th September 2018

Jake Bugg

Ayrshire Bound Jake is a major, global performer whose music could be described as a fusion of acoustic and electric, compelling and melodic. A high-powered enigmatic mix of folksy guitar and indie rock riffs, with mean lyrics set around a soulful voice. The total package, producing memorable, catchy songs including 'Trouble Town', 'Lightning Bolt', 'Two Fingers' and 'What Doesn't Kill…
25th September 2018

Diana Gabaldon

A scottish-american journey in time and space Her books, like stars, twinkle in many different directions. She wanders through cornfields of historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure and science fiction and fantasy.  Reaping a harvest of entertaining and captivating work. But Diana Gabaldon is much, much more, than just a mash up of literary genres.In case you didn't know, Diana is…
20th September 2018

Kjell Lindgren

The spectacular beauty & the dark side of the earth Look up. You might have seen it. Travelling at a speed of 17,200 mph and at a height of between 205 and 270 miles above our planet, orbiting the Earth 15.54 times a day. You might have imagined you had seen Scandinasian (half-Swedish, half-Chinese) astronaut Kjell Lindgren at one of…