11th September 2018

Neil Oliver

Digging The Historian / Archaeologist If pressed I would say I liked his honesty and humility. He had no pretensions, describing himself, simply, as an enthusiast and generalist. An unassuming man who just has a passion for the work he does.We all know, however, Neil Oliver is much, much more than this. He has written extensively on the history and…
20th August 2018

Mark Beaumont

A Wheel of a Time Some of the most inspiring stories I have ever encountered come from human beings who display an unshakable determination to endure, to experience and to succeed. No matter what obstacles may stand in their way, no matter the physical or mental battle, no matter what elements they have to face - rain, snow, scorching sun…
12th August 2018

Andrew Brookes

The Style Council Cometh The cut, the colour, the look. The language of the fashionista, hipster, stylist. Key to his job is to know his client, to walk in their skin, to sleep and breathe their needs and make sure they are adequately met. He heads one of the top Scottish tailoring brands, a determined, passionate man with a real…
8th August 2018

James Crawford

On A Clear Day Being in the sky - advisedly in a helicopter or a small plane - gives you a different perspective on the world below. Potentially, you can see the topography of the whole surface of the planet. The seas, the oceans, the mountains, forests, lakes or lochs, roads, bridges, cities. What is unravelling beneath us, according to…
26th July 2018

Kirsty McCabe

The weather report Waiting on the sun. Time spent wrapped up against winter's icy cold, our hair flattened by spring showers, bathed in sunshine in summer or, more often, disappointed, consoling ourselves with the subtle colours of autumn...May and June 2018 have been - let's say it - sun-kissed. We've been drinking in clear blue skies beneath a huge orange…
24th May 2018

Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale

Truly a man for all seasons A boy’s own childhood, playing among the beauty of the glens and mountains of the island. In spring, sheep from the farm would be vigilant over their lambs as they playfully gambolled on the lower slopes. Summer would bring a long-lasting sun over the fields, Autumn delicately coloured skies and Winter, well, sheep in…
22nd May 2018

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

From Ayrshire to Holyrood On November 20, 2014, Nicola Sturgeon succeeded former incumbent and Russia Today presenter Alex Salmond, to become the first ever female First Minister. To lead the Country is the toughest of political assignments, and for the last four years this lady from Ayrshire has led the nation at home and abroad. She has gained in the process…
13th May 2018

Fred MacAulay

30 Years of Laughs It is hard to envisage a more paradoxical career path to comedy than that of Fred MacAulay. The financial accountant defied the odds by delving into the world of being funny at the somewhat late age of 30. Now approaching three decades in the laughter industry this former Rector of the University of Dundee has enjoyed…
25th March 2018

Zac Burinski

The evolution of a young Ayrshire Move & Shaka Zac Burinski lives in Cumnock and Doon Valley with mum Nicola. This is an area of Scotland which since the demise of the coal industry, has had its problems and unemployment is high. At first glance there is nothing unusual or special about Zac. He looks like any other fifteen year…
16th March 2018

Ed Byrne

The new tour, spoiler alert... it's heading for Ayrshire I have always thought - as in the Kate Bush song, “We’re all alone on the stage tonight (Kate Bush ‘Wow’ 1979)” – that standing alone in front of the microphone with an expectant audience out front, must be one of the loneliest situations anyone could experience? Like standing in that long darkness of ambition waiting for the spotlight to shine on you. Yet, there is something weirdly life affirming about great comedy. It allows us to forget ourselves, suspend our individual realities, de-stress with laughter. Of course, and perhaps most significantly, the best comic material is not only funny but also makes us think. Take Ed Byrne... “I absolutely love it,”…