Ayrshire In Bloom

By, Ian Paton

Traveling in and around the many gardens and landscapes of Ayrshire is truly inspirational.

As friends of Nature, Ayrshire Magazine and the gardeners from north, south, east and west have been busy preparing, recycling and composting the sustenance for the new growth. The vibrant colour, fragrances of the flowers, fauna and sights are a joy to behold, freshly fuelled from the previous autumn under the canopy of a blue sky, the fruits are clearly now here for all to appreciate.

A picture conveys a thousand words and here are just a few gems, captured in full living colour, this awesome spectacle will hopefully inspire and remind us to embrace and appreciate our own journeys, within Nature’s entire architectural plan, the never ending cycle of seasonal movement, as the fountainhead of life, to grow, flourish and eventually bloom.

A trip to Dobbies or Gemmell’s Garden Centre is a must at any time of year but especially now when the flowers and plants are at their best, even the artificial ones are in tip top condition.

A library is a great resource and South Ayrshire Council has this impressive display on show for all to see in the centre of Troon, while at Fullerton Woods Estate, the bluebells and daffodils line the allotments of vegetable gardens in anticipation of this year’s crop.

The cycle footpath and railway, bordered by an avenue of yellow gorse cut between the Royal Troon. Lochgreen golf courses is awash with a cascade of blooms and sweet vanilla aroma, a lengthy thoroughfare leading to Prestwick where upon arrival tulips and cherry blossom are the order of the day, to delight the golfers, pedestrians and travellers.

At the heart of the Conservation village of Symington, the Parish Church has this…

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