Ayrshire’s Voice Is Aiming to Live The Dream

By, Sergio Burns

It was tense. The audience on their feet, cheering, urging the judges to push the big red button in front of them. The atmosphere electric with anticipation, expectation, as the final notes of his wonderful rendition of the standard, The Impossible Dream, filled the arena. At last, in the microseconds before the end of his performance, Jennifer Hudson thumped the button and her chair swivelled round to face him. Ayrshire’s Craig Forsyth, ecstatic, had successfully navigated his way through the auditions of The Voice.

“She left me hanging, until…the very end,” Craig, originally from Castlepark, Irvine, said smiling. “Which…I suppose in the grand scheme of things was quite nice. Will ( had mentioned, in that moment, it is always really special in the show. When you think you are not going to get a turn and then you get a turn…and your eyes just lock with the person…so obviously, you will see from my reaction, I felt like: ‘I cannot believe this!’”

In the, often surreal, world of reality television talent spotting, that ‘edge-of-the-seat’ moment – will they, won’t they – is often cranked to breaking point, the tension unbearable (makes great TV!). Craig’s success was well deserved after such a great version of ‘The Impossible Dream’, a difficult song sung brilliantly.

“You have to have three slow, three mid and three up tempo songs,” Craig explained the process. “We had to compile a list of nine songs and perform those nine songs for production, just to see what one fits best and initially…I don’t know if they were too keen on The Impossible Dream. Then there was the legal part of it as well, the legal stuff had to be cleared. When they came to me and told me The Impossible Dream was good to go I was literally like ‘This is it! This is my moment! I know this is meant to be’. I am a great believer in things happening for a reason.”

On the night, Craig produced a stunning audition which took him through. Before his performance…

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