Can I subscribe to Ayrshire Magazine

Yes you can subscribe through the website, if you choose to subscribe to the magazine you will be supporting local people and businesses.

How many issues are included in a subscription?

Every subscription gives you access to 6 issues of the magazine. If you purchase a subscription half way through an issues lifecycle, your subscription will start with the next issue.

Are there any additional benefits when subscribing to the magazine?

In addition to receiving the 6 issues of the magazine, you will get access to the AM Members Card, which allows you shop and receive 10% off at our partner retailers.

You will also unlock access to the Ayrshire Magazine archive, this is the full archive of previous issues, you can read these online on any device. Simply log into your account to access the archive.

So why is subscribing better?

The main benefit to you is that you can ‘set and forget’: once you’ve purchased a subscription, you can let it run until the subscription expires. We currently sell Yearly subscriptions.

Subscribers are sent their issue before general release, so you’ll get yours a bit quicker! As a subscriber, you get a handy dashboard you can log into, where you can see, amend and manage your subscription.

For us, the benefit is that we have a better idea of who’s currently enjoying the magazine and supporting us.

How do I read the magazine online?

Please sign in using the member’s login in our site navigation. Then go to the Archive to read every issue of Ayrshire Magazine.

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When will my magazine arrive?

Every Friday, we collate all orders from the week and they’re put on hold until the next issue is due to be released, we usually ship all orders together one week before the magazine is due for general release.

UK orders (which are sent First Class) should arrive in a day or two; European orders should arrive within about a week; international orders vary quite considerably and can take up to a month.

If you have any questions please email info@ayrshiremagazine.com

Can I contribute to a future issue?

We’re always on the look-out for new contributors and would love to hear from you about your ideas. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or illustrator, please get in touch.

I’d like to advertise in a future issue

Fantastic! We’d love to meet new potential partners. You can email us at sales@ayrshiremagazine.com.

I’d like a refund

Sorry, but all sales are final. However, if you have received a damaged copy, please contact Customer Support and we’ll send you a replacement.