My Big Fat Fabulous Diary

By, Sergio Burns

We speak by phone as she is driving through Glasgow. I can hear the subtle whoosh of the car as it cuts through time and space, heading north toward the A82.

“Well, listen,” Actor Leah MacRae tells me. “Just in case I get cut off, I’ll phone you back, I am just going over the Erskine Bridge. Sometimes you lose reception but we might be okay.” It is like being an air traffic controller receiving and exchanging information, though, fortunately, we don’t lose reception. The River City star is set to start her Big Fat Fabulous Diary tour in St Andrews on May 3. Later she will be arriving in Ayrshire at Barrfields Theatre, Largs on May 19, and then Kilmarnock on May 23, when she brings her one woman show to the Palace Theatre. “They can expect,” she paused for a few seconds. “A show for everyone. Not just for women, a lot of couples come along. You come along with your granny, your auntie, you’ve got to be 16, there are a couple of swear words in it. But it is a big fun show. The audience will feel included in the show. There are songs, funny stories… a really good belly laugh. I just want the audience to feel like we are on a wee night out together. That is what it feels like.” Leah, of course, will be performing solo on tour. Anything that goes wrong will be down to her, and her alone. “You do feel a wee bit lonely out there,” she admitted. “You’ve got to be brave. As I say: ‘You’ve got to have balls…’, because it is really daunting stepping out there on your own, really daunting. But you’ve just got to know that the people that are coming to see you want to enjoy themselves.” MacRae is a well known face on Television, playing Jenny, best friend of Michelle played by Sheridan Smith, in the Susan Nickson sitcom, Grownups. She also played bakery worker Julie Jackson in Gary Tank Commander, as well as making appearances in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, and Rab C Nesbitt. “I always wanted to do that when I left school,” she said of her early ambitions to act. “I went to train in acting and performance…I trained at Langside College (Glasgow). I got an agent when I finished training…

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