An insight into the perfect Golf drive

By, Cameron Tortolano

Putting the ball in the right position off the tee is imperative to shooting a good score; if you have confidence with the driver then the game becomes a lot easier. More often than not it is purely a player’s concept of what they are trying to do when hitting the driver that is wrong. Most players will hit a driver exactly like they hit an iron when you actually want to hit the ball slightly on the upswing with the driver as opposed to hitting down with the irons.

One of my favourite theories when it comes to driving is “aim small, miss small” this is a theory that Jason Day incorporates into his pre-shot routine. When standing behind the ball, pick something small in the distance on the line that you would like your golf ball to land in the fairway. Perhaps the branch of a tree or a distinctive feature in the landscape. Bring that line back towards the ball to ensure the clubface is square, however always focus on your small target in the distance. This in turn will ensure that even a miss will only be a slight miss.

When hitting the driver, your set-up is one thing I want you to approach slightly differently. Set-up with your lead shoulder high, this helps create more of a direct line from the shoulder, through the arm and club, down to the ball which in turn helps you hit the ball on the upswing.

As far as the swing is concerned one of the main flaws I see in players is they are too steep into the ball with the driver. I want you to feel like you maintain your width throughout the swing. Too many people focus only on creating width in the backswing and neglect the downswing, feel wide back and wide on the way down. Maintaining width by feeling your arms away from your chest in the downswing will get the club on a better path and into a more efficient delivery position resulting in an upward strike.

The final piece of the puzzle is ensuring a centred strike; consistently off centre hits with the driver will result in a wide dispersion due to the gear effect of the driver. An efficient practice drill is to buy some chalk spray or athletes foot spray and spray it on your club face. This will highlight exactly where your strike is with the driver, ideally you want to be dead centre or even slightly higher on the face towards the toe to maximise distance and accuracy.

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