By, Sergio Burns

What do you do when you want to face the world? Prepare? Well, yes, but we all have our own way of doing this. Some stick on a fake smile, open eyes wide, offer an (often false) impression that all is more than well with the universe on this particular Monday morning… Huh? Really? Life is THAT good?

Make-up, of course, can help. It can make people feel better about themselves. Used properly, and to best effect, it can be utilised to accentuate our best features making us more confident about how we look and feel. Essential for those special days in our lives, weddings, award ceremonies, graduations.

To achieve this wonderful transformation we should always ask the expert, someone like the very personable, very passionate Murray Owens.

“I used to be a support worker for those with mental health issues,” The hair and make-up specialist told AM. “I left my job… handed in my notice and went to Ibiza. I used to work in a hairdressers when I was younger and did it on the side for friends. Went to Ibiza, went for a job and got it. They never hired any guys, they only hired girls in this company, so I was the first guy to get hired.

“I was working as a hair and make-up artist at Blowout. It is like a pop-up hair and make up brand. When I first started it was mainly just weddings… and then the brand completely transformed and it went social crazy. So, we brought in celebrities, and newspapers, magazines, and editors over to the salon when they were in Ibiza. Yeah it was good.”

During this period Murray worked with many well-known stars including Vicky Pattison, famous for Geordie Shore and MTV’s Ex on the Beach, Imogen Townley of Ibiza Weekender, Kate Wright from the Only Way is Essex and girlfriend of former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand.

“I now work for myself from home,” he revealed. “I think it just kind of happened. When I came home I just started advertising, and then it just kind of happened. I knew what I wanted to do: there was a gap for make-up in the market and I knew it could be a massive thing because when I first started it was just starting to get big. I literally taught myself to do make-up, sat and watched so many videos and then just practised on friends. Never went to a class, never went to a one to one, never went to college.”

He laughs, and we start to speak about Ayrshire Magazine’s highly successful recent Fashion Show at the Park Hotel, Kilmarnock.

“Yeah I loved it,” Murray agreed, nodding. “So good. That was probably the biggest thing I have done to date audience wise and the best thing. I have done so many masterclasses with the maximum of 20 people there. So, for me to do something that had 230 people attending…it really was quite big … and I may not come across as a nervous person but I am. But, as soon as I went on I enjoyed it. The audience engaged really, really well, so I was happy with the outcome. It was so good.”

There is another side to Murray, and one which neatly links with his past and drives him to help educate young people.

“So, yeah I am trying to get into another couple of schools,” he said. “I have done Prestwick Academy and Belmont Academy. A wee class on mental health…

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