#33 Coastal

Are you fed up with the rain? Me too.

But it also struck me that this is the Year of Coasts and Waters, and this issue of your magazine is Coastal, so the two…kind of… go together, and, I hate to say it, rain of course, helps. Just not so much of it!

Once again, I can tell you the team have been extremely busy and we have a magazine packed with interesting articles and something for everyone.

Let’s start by saying congratulations to our team member Billy Kirkwood on the arrival of his third child. In this issue Billy offers us an insight in to his plans for 2020!

Meanwhile Gill Sherry is telling us all about the 100 mile Ayrshire Coastal Path. I hope Gill had her waterproofs close at hand. In a similar vein A.B Collier offers some good advice about keeping kids happy indoors when it rains during the school holidays. Doesn’t it always?

Our colleague Vanetha has been talking to the lovely people at the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST), while Sergio has been looking at the amount of plastic waste dumped in the oceans and talking to a Belgian entrepreneur making spectacles out of plastic waste.

And, have you ever wondered how you become a Youtuber? Well now you can find out in the latest issue.

With Strictly’s Vincent Simone, Craig Hill and one of Vanetha’s delicious seafood dishes, how can you possibly go wrong? Raining outside? Who cares? Get the kettle on, make yourself a coffee and settle down with the latest COASTAL issue of Ayrshire Magazine.

So, come and join us, but not just for this issue. Make sure you get EVERY issue delivered directly by subscribing. AM is a not for profit product and we need the Ayrshire community to become part of our journey.

Let’s look forward to the Spring and our next issue, now, where did I put my umbrella?

– Phyllis McLeish

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