Who, at the start of 2020, would have believed we would be in lockdown by March and spend the next year and a bit living with restrictions? Staying at home, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, hairdressers and gyms all closed, most retail outlets shuttered, football stadiums empty, gigs cancelled our theatres silent.

It has focused the mind. Sustainability is the trending word of the year, and we wanted to take a look at that and what it might mean for us all. Sustainability is a simple concept. If we think of our planet as our life support system, then as long as we don’t exhaust the resources we have or pollute our world with harmful emissions and spills we will be okay. But better than that, from this foundation we can then create a healthy, balanced biosphere to support us all and, of course, the generations to come.

In this, our SUSTAIN issue, you will discover what the sustainability revolution is – it is not all about the environment – and what it means for us all! And if you ever wondered what ‘Sustainability in Interior Design’ might look like, well Laura is here to explain all about it.

David gives advice on how to sustain morale during lockdown, while Angela confesses how she struggles to keep her plants alive! I know how she feels…

Bonnie Tyler tells us of the sliding door moment that changed her life, and Criminologist David Wilson tells us how unimpressed he was by the serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

Gill reveals how she has survived lockdown with ‘Zooming’, and interviews wild swimmer Sarah Redmond, while Billy meditates on the subtle nuances of lockdown and what he has planned once the restrictions are lifted – including a job at the Olympics! Intrigued?

Vanetha has another great recipe, more food news and has been speaking with chef, Michael Kilkie, while the 2019 Scottish Grand National winning jockey, Sean Quinlan, has also been speaking to AM.

As always, something for everyone and with some wonderful photographic contributions from our readers, it really is a great team! AM wants to SUSTAIN that!

– Sergio Burns

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