Ayrshire Magazine Issue 36 - Adapt


I am absolutely delighted, as Editor, to welcome everyone to the ADAPT issue of Ayrshire Magazine.

AM is a not-for-profit magazine designed and delivered with the people of Ayrshire in mind. And, once again we have thought carefully about that in this our latest issue – ADAPT.

Phyllis, as our owner, is very much part of the drive that helps make this magazine one of quality and style, and I am also lucky to work with a great team who are always around to help, support and uncover some great stories.

But, the most important people in this equation are you, and we are grateful to all those who have been on this journey with us and those who, we hope, will come on this journey with us in the future.

Buying a house? Fairly straightforward, right? Well, Billy Kirkwood tells us how…erm…straightforward it is.

Speaking of our homes, TV Presenter and Interior Designer, John Amabile, is open to giving everyone – not just the rich and famous – tips on home improvements.

Gill has been speaking to ‘local hero’ and ‘well-known’ face about town, Cathy Jamieson, who has been raising money, once again, for charity. Ms Sherry has also been looking at how divorce rates have soared during lockdown and how she has ‘adapted’ to working from home with her husband. Angela also offers some tips on how to ‘survive’ with your children…that should be very useful!

We also have stories about how some of the best talent in Ayrshire have had to adapt to COVID-19. We speak to actor/writer/director (The State Of It, BBC Social) Hannah MacMillan, Amazon Prime filmmaker Kris Scott, and singer/songwriters Ashleigh Millar and Matthew Hickman.

Hayleigh Barclay, Aaron Mullins and Annebelle Beckwith all discuss their books.

Oh yes, and there are a family of teddy bears, Sunshine, Hope and Rainbow, who kept Largs, and in fact – through Facebook – the world, amused with their antics.

Once again, Vanetha has a great mouth-watering recipe for us and tells the story of three people adapting to COVID-19, while David Bell reports on the Women’s Golf Open – presumably without spectators. We will also discover how our addiction services coped and adapted to unprecedented times.

Don’t forget to check out our blog, Life As It Happens, on our Facebook page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

See you next time…

– Sergio Burns

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